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I am very happy to welcome you to my site. Please take your time and enjoy my works, try to interpret the deeper sense of colors, shapes and symbols.

I will never stop to draw and paint, because daily I discover new miracles in our world without borders. It is my passion, my profession, my life.

And when I get acknowledgement, because somebody likes my works and buys one of them, it is another joy for me.

My first own children's book
December the 20th, 2005

A short while ago my first children's book "Sonjas Abenteuer"
(en: "Sonja's Adventures")
(40 pages, ISBN 3-936577-89-7) appeared in print. It was published by Kempen publishing company. It is now available.

Sonjas Abenteuer Sonja the spider baby lives in a spider web in an old oak with her parents. Her favourite hobby is to paint, but all the littered up paper sheets and colour spots make Sonja's mom angry. Therefore Sonja decides to explore the world and escape her mother's reproaches that way, although she never left her home before.

On her journey the little spider meets various forest and meadow dwellers and they undertake many fascinating adventures together. Finally Sonja returns to her parents, who already were worried about their girl. She grabs at her paint brush to get all her adventures down on paper.

You can take a look at some book pages here: "Illustrations" > "Sonja's Adventures".
The book can now be ordered on the publisher's website.

Young children of the age of three years and older will enjoy this book as well as the older ones, who are already learning to read. In addition to my picture-book there is a workbook full of interesting tasks created by Anja Geisemeyer and illustrated by me, aimed at children in the 1st and 2nd school year.

The gallery at
October 1, 2017

A selection of my works is now available in the gallery of, a famous artist community:
There you can purchase a reproduction of your favorite painting, e.g. as a framed print or just a postcard.

A painting found its proprietor
November the 12th, 2005

After visiting "Kunstmesse Köln", the art fair in Cologne, in April 2000 I was very impressed by a special painting and I decided to create a replication of it. I am talking about "Pferde und Fohlen im Stall" (en: "Horses and foals in the stable") which was painted in 1859 by the famous painter Emil Volkers. My copy of his work was shown several times on various exhibitions and it always aroused visitor's interest. Few days ago I got a call, the interested woman gave me a brief outline of the situation and surprised me - she is great-granddaughter of Emil Volkers and she wanted to purchase my painting. Now she owns this great work of art and I am pleased that she likes it. It is one of those rare cases, when a painting (even if it's just a replication) comes back into the author's family.

Scary story with Gerd Steblinsky
January the 7th, 2005

A new novel written by a known author of many books for young people Georg M. Gerisch appeared in stores. It was a pleasure for me to draw two illustrations for "Strange events in a ruinous house". You can see them, like many other of my works in the range of illustrating books in the special section of my website.



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